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It’s easier to implement UDL with online instruction because of the increased flexibility. In face-to-face communication, it is mainly operated by educators, but online education allows learners and educators to operate simultaneously and find them more quickly. the problem lies in.

The biggest challenge for teachers is to build a more sophisticated teaching system in the medium and long term, make full use of technical advantages to establishing a teaching data platform, pay attention to the collection of learners’ learning behaviour and learning effect data, and achieve timely academic analysis, more targeted classroom teaching and Personalized learning content recommendation to make up for the shortcomings of online classroom interaction and insufficient supervision.

“Online Education technologies include: is Voice-centered technology, such as CD or MP3 recordings, is Video technology, such as instructional videos, DVDs, and interactive videoconferencing, and Computer-centered technology delivered over the Internet or corporate intranet.” (UKEssays)

At this stage, the most important task of online education is not to beautify the interface and add functions, but to expand network resources, optimize system configuration, simplify operating procedures, and effectively improve the concurrent processing capabilities of the online learning platform, and use simple methods to ensure that the most students can Normal class to meet the blowout growth in the number of users. At the same time, give full play to the unique advantages of online education, use big data, artificial intelligence and other technologies to comprehensively collect and use student learning process data and teacher teaching process data, identify the true learning status of students, and carry out targeted learning analysis and problems Diagnosis and resource push, provide a tailor-made learning plan for each student.



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In fact, before the outbreak of the new crown epidemic, online learning is growing at an unprecedented rate. Effectively tracking learning progress, in online classes, students’ performance and learning ability are easy to track. Digital tracking can be carried out according to the learning achievement data of each student. Analysis tools can assist in providing students’ performance and progress, helping teachers to understand students’ conditions in-depth, and then adjust policies in order to enhance students’ learning ability. Students themselves can better control their own progress and make up for deficiencies.

I think the teaching materials for online learning are usually visually stimulating and flexible and interactive, which can help students focus more on their learning goals. Online courses can not only increase student participation but also motivate students to understand their learning outcomes. Many majors use multimedia content as teaching materials, and the effect is better than physical teaching. For example, in a Japanese class, in Brightspace, students need to complete corresponding homework or online quizs according to the learning content of the day. Teachers use this method to supervise and supervise learners. Although many similar and boring tasks are done every day, it is effective for learners to consolidate their knowledge points. Frequent student-faculty contact in and out of classes is the most important factor in student motivation and involvement. (Barnes)

Online education can help learners uick assessment and adjustment while teaching. Different from traditional classrooms, with technology-supported online classes, teachers can put forward 2-3 in-class quizzes every 10 minutes or according to each concept to assess the status of students. On the contrary, shy students no longer have to worry about their performance in class and can actively participate in answering questions without any worries.



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# How can educators effectively build relationships by encouraging safe communication and interactions in online & open learning spaces? What did you already know, what do you know now based on the course readings and activities, what do you hope to learn?

In fact, a long time ago, schools and educational institutions in many places began to promote online education. Most of the teaching tasks are completed at school, requiring teachers and students face to face. This year, due to Covid-19, online education began to be implemented globally. In addition to corresponding tasks and readings every week, Edci 339 helps students understand better. It also uses online courses to help supervise students’ more effective learning and communication with teachers. The weekly blog and comments on the students’ blog are actually Consolidate the knowledge that has been learned in disguise and make better and more effective use of the online teaching platform to draw the distance between teachers and students.

For online education to effectively establish interpersonal relationships with students, it is necessary to guide students to use space to participate in in- and out-of-class teaching activities and research activities, accompanying recording the growth process, managing and presenting learning results, and recording comprehensive quality evaluation process data. According to their own learning needs, self-learning through a spatial selection of online courses, online tests, intellectual resource services, etc., to strengthen the awareness of applying the space to solve problems. Use space to form a learning community, carry out interactive activities across classes, schools, and regions to enhance learning interest and learning effects. Use the rich and diversified resources and services integrated into space to conduct inquiry and learning, and cultivate the problem-solving ability, innovative consciousness, and innovative ability. Use visual analysis results such as learning diagnosis and learning early warning to find problems and improve learning. Schools at all levels and types should guide students to use space scientifically, safely, and creatively to promote their all-round development.

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